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The FBI Experience – Partnerships: Boston and Los Angeles

The fbi experience – Partnerships: Boston and los angeles  SCOPE OF WORK  Smithsonian Exhibits (SIE) was contracted to develop and design two new sections of the exhibit featuring partnerships in Boston and Los Angeles. This expanded on previous work on The FBI Experience. SIE’s exhibit developer organized the content, conducted research, and wrote the exhibit script. SIE’s designers brought the FBI’s unique stories to life through graphics and engaging displays. Project Management guided the FBI and its subcontractors through the entire exhibit life cycle. SIE’s 3D Studio provided a touchable map to highlight the events surrounding the Boston Marathon Bombing.

Mural of the Boston skyline and marathoners, museum panels, and the quote from the Boston Marathon CEO “People felt this great sense of responsibility to help. And they did.”

The section on the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing focused on the cooperation among the FBI, local police, the community, and the government.

Boston Police Department motorcycle

During the Boston Marathon, the winner is escorted to the finish line by an officer on motorcycle like this one.

One of the bombers hid in this boat, which was in a backyard in Watertown, Massachusetts.

One of the bombers hid in this boat, which was in a backyard in Watertown, Massachusetts.

Exhibit panels

Mural of the Los Angeles skyline and police officers behind museum panels and an LAPD cruiser.

The Los Angeles portion focused on Safe Street Task Forces efforts to dismantle gangs.

Mural of the Los Angeles skyline and police officers and museum panels.

LAPD cruiser

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