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Smithsonian Exhibits 2023 Open House

Thank you to everyone for coming out to the Smithsonian Exhibits Open House 2023! It was a fantastic event with informative sessions and great conversations. A tremendous thank you to the SIE staff for being great ambassadors for the advancement of exhibitry.

A special thank you to our guest collaborators:

Joy Mana, Product Manager, Gaylord Archival

Laura Mina, Conservator of Costumes and Textiles, National Museum of African American History and Culture

Dr. Larry Wilen, Senior Research Scientist & Lecturer, Yale CEID


Links to the presentations can be found here


Head of Graphics Scott Schmidt (center), Graphics Shop Lead Mike Reed (right), and Exhibit Specialist Victor Garret (left) give tours of the Oce printing capability
Exhibit Specialist Chris Heiler (right) answers questions about the Frank vitrine system
Graphic Specialist Evan Keeling (left) shows SIE’s comic book capabilities
Exhibit Developers Brigid Laurie and John Powell (l-r) presenting on Exhibit Development
Exhibit Specialist Caleb Menzies (right) discussing SIE’s laser cuter capabilities
SIE Cost Estimator Dan Widerski (left) reviewing materials
SIE Financial Manager Nina Butler
Exhibit Specialist Chris Heiler (center) demonstrating the Frank vitrine system


Exhibit Specialist Jeff Rosshirt (center) demonstrates automation for interactives
Scott Schmidt (right) and Joy Mana (left) discuss healthy material choices

Guests attend the Design presentation
Guests explore SIE’s material library
Model Maker Chris Hollshwander discusses milling techniques
Exhibit Specialists Willow Collins (left), Zach Hudson (center) and NMAACH Textile Conservator Laura Mina (right) present on the design and fabrication of conservation mounts
Laura Mina and Zach Hudson discuss dressing the Black Panther costume mannequin
Fabrication Shop Lead Enrique Dominguez (left) and Head of Fabrication Ian Lilligren (right) present on mechanical interactives
The SIE team!