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OEC Goes to Sea

The Office of Exhibits Central is partnering with the National Museum of Natural History (NMNH) on a temporary gallery to open in conjunction with the new Ocean permanent gallery set to open in late 2008.

Currently we are in the consultation and early design phase of the project. OEC designer Lynn Kawaratani has created an initial model and drawings for consideration. NMNH’s Sally Love (exhibit developer) and Sarah Grusin (exhibit writer) are writing the script and determining objects to be in the temporary gallery, which is tentatively titled Going to Sea. This exhibit will focus on human interaction with the sea through nautical navigation tools, specimens collected from oceanic surveys, folk art, and seafaring cultural objects from Micronesia.


top photo: Lynn Kawaratani consults with OEC exhibit specialist Bart McGarry to choose textured laminates and colors to present to the project team from NMNH.

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