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Frankly Impressive

OEC acquires the Frank Acrylic Component System profiler

In May the Office of Exhibits Central joined an exclusive club, when it became home to one of three Frank ACS profilers in the world. The machine will allow OEC to produce Frank ACS display cases for use across the Smithsonian (and its partners). The beautifully clean, minimalist, “barely there” look of Frank cases gives museum-goers the clearest possible view of the artifacts inside.

More reasons for OEC’s enthusiasm: The system turns out precisely engineered acrylic vitrines quickly, in almost any size, at lower cost. And it’s eco-friendly; no toxic solvents are used. Frank cases are modular and easy to assemble, and they can be packed flat for shipping and storage, reducing the amount of packing.

OEC has created its first Frank cases for SAAM, and cases for Cooper-Hewitt are under way. Many more to follow!


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