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Abe Lincoln’s Hat

The hat worn by Abraham Lincoln on the night he died found its way to the OEC Model Shop. Given to the Smithsonian in 1867, just two years after Lincoln’s death, the hat was not exhibited until 1893. The hat was scanned and 3D-printed in nylon. Next, the printed hat was handed over to the Model Shop for painting and finishing. Model maker Megan Dattoria applied all of the color by hand, using acrylic paints. Source images allowed Megan to identify worn sections of material and recreate them on the printed hat. Applying the paint in layers, she created a finish that shows all the signs of aging that the real hat has. 



A 3D print of Lincoln's hat, next to photographs of the original.



Megan applied color in layers to mimic the worn appearance of the original.



The completed hat


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