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Sculpin Hat Replica

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Smithsonian Exhibits (SIE) partnered with the National Museum of Natural History (NMNH) and the Tlingit people to create replicas of a Tlingit hat from NMNH’s collection. The project marks the first time that a traditional cultural object has been digitally restored and replicated and then dedicated as a sacred object by an indigenous community. You can read more about the project on SIE’s blog.

Check out the entire Sculpin Hat Ceremony, all 7 hours and 42 minutes of the edited footage. This has been posted to the Sharing Our Knowledge Conference web site. 

A man wearing white gloves holds a wooden cylinder on top of a painted wooden hat.

Four digital images showing the inside and outside of the hat in different colors. A digital 3D view of the sculpin hat.

Left to Right:
Carolyn processed the original 3D scan files for online viewing.
Image of the final model courtesy of DPO.

Carolyn made digital repairs to the 3D model of the hat to prepare it for milling.

A three-part image showing different views of the replica hat.

The completed replica restored to the clan. Images courtesy of NMNH.